Best Guitars For Kids In 2024 (From Expert Guitar Teachers)

best guitars for kids

Embarking on a musical journey is an exciting adventure for any child, and as a guitar teacher, I’ve seen firsthand how the right guitar can make all the difference.

In this article, we’ll dive into the Best Guitars for Kids, a selection highly recommended by music teachers. We’ll compare acoustic and electric models, highlighting what sets some apart for young musicians.

By the end, you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed choice about the best guitar for your child.

What Are The Best Guitars For Kids In 2024?

Here are our picks for the top guitars for kids this year.

Selecting the best guitar for your kid is more than just a purchase—it’s a gateway to a world of creativity, expression, and growth. From the gentle acoustic melodies to the vibrant energy of electric riffs, each guitar has a unique personality and potential to unlock a child’s musical talent.

I remember a young student of mine, Emma, who initially struggled with an old, hand-me-down guitar. It was bulky, the strings were tough on her fingers, and the sound… let’s just say it didn’t do justice to her enthusiasm.

But when she found a guitar that was just the right size, with a softer string action and a brighter tone, it was like a light switched on. Her progress skyrocketed, and so did her confidence. It was a clear reminder that the right tools can make learning more enjoyable.

In this article, we’ll delve into why certain guitars are highly recommended by music teachers for kids. We’ll explore the nuances between acoustic and electric models, and what makes some stand out more than others for young learners.

Should I Buy An Acoustic Or Electric Guitar?

Choosing between an acoustic and an electric guitar for a young learner is a pivotal decision that sets the stage for their musical journey. Both types of guitars offer unique experiences and cater to different musical preferences, making this choice an important consideration.

Acoustic Guitars: The Timeless Choice

Acoustic guitars stand out for their simplicity and portability. Unlike electric guitars, they don’t require any additional equipment like amplifiers or cables. This makes them incredibly versatile for various settings – from a quiet room at home to a campfire gathering. They are perfect for spontaneous practice sessions or impromptu performances.

The portability of acoustic guitars also means they can accompany your child on their travels, ensuring they always have a musical outlet no matter where they are. Additionally, the acoustic guitar’s rich, warm sound is ideal for a wide range of musical genres, from folk and country to pop and singer-songwriter styles.

If you find yourself or your child struggling to choose between an acoustic and an electric guitar, an acoustic is often a safe bet. It’s a classic, versatile instrument that your child is likely to use for a lifetime. Many guitarists, regardless of their primary style, retain a deep appreciation and use for their acoustic guitars throughout their musical careers.

Electric Guitars: The Modern Expression

best guitars for kids

Electric guitars, with their thinner strings and diverse sound possibilities, offer a different appeal. They are often seen as the go-to instrument for genres like rock, metal, and blues. The ease of playing, coupled with the wide range of sounds achievable through amplifiers and effects, makes electric guitars a thrilling choice for children who are excited by these musical styles.

However, the need for additional equipment can sometimes limit the portability and spontaneity associated with electric guitars.

Should I Buy an Acoustic or Electric?

The choice between acoustic and electric guitars should be guided by the child’s musical tastes and goals. While an electric guitar might appeal to a young rocker, an acoustic guitar can be a lifelong companion for a wide array of musical expressions. It’s about balancing these preferences with practical considerations like portability and versatility.

In the next sections, we’ll explore specific recommendations for both acoustic and electric guitars, focusing on what makes each suitable for young learners. Whether your child dreams of strumming catchy melodies or electrifying the room with powerful riffs, the right guitar can make all the difference in their musical adventure.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Guitar for Your Child

Selecting the right guitar for a young learner involves considering several key factors. These considerations are crucial in ensuring that the guitar not only suits your child’s immediate needs but also supports their long-term musical journey. Let’s explore these aspects:

Size and Weight

The size and weight of the guitar are paramount, especially for younger players. A guitar that is too large or heavy can be unwieldy and uncomfortable, leading to a lack of interest or even physical strain. Look for a guitar that your child can comfortably hold and play. A good fit will encourage regular practice and a positive learning experience.

Sound Quality

The quality of the sound produced by a guitar can hugely influence a child’s enthusiasm for playing. A guitar with a rich, clear tone can make practice sessions enjoyable and fulfilling. Investing in a guitar with good sound quality can also foster an appreciation for music and its nuances from an early age.


Never underestimate the power of a visually appealing guitar. Children are often drawn to instruments that look good or have a cool factor. A guitar that appeals to them visually can enhance their desire to play and show it off, be it at home or in music classes.


While budget considerations are important, investing in a good quality beginner’s guitar can be more cost-effective in the long run. Cheaper models might be tempting, but they often compromise on sound quality and durability. A well-made guitar can last for many years and might even be passed down to younger siblings or sold second-hand when outgrown.

Note: When Purchasing a Standalone Guitar

When buying a standalone guitar, essential accessories like a guitar tuner, picks, cable + amplifier (electrics only), are needed to complete the setup. You may also consider an optional guitar strap. Our website links offer a recommended section alongside the standalone guitars, where you can conveniently find and add these products to your cart. This makes it easy for parents to ensure their budding guitarist has everything needed to rock.

Our Top 3 Acoustic Guitars for Kids


Taylor GS Mini

Renowned for its rich sound and exceptional craftsmanship, the Taylor GS Mini is perfectly sized for young musicians. Its stunning mahogany finish not only looks elegant but also inspires continued learning and practice. Ideal for diverse musical styles, it’s a versatile choice for aspiring guitarists.


  • Compact Size: Ideal for young musicians, offering a comfortable playing experience without sacrificing sound quality.
  • Rich Sound: Despite its smaller stature, the GS Mini produces a full-bodied, resonant tone that rivals larger guitars.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Built with the attention to detail and durability Taylor is known for.
  • Stylish Design: Features an elegant mahogany finish, making it visually appealing to players.
  • Versatile Instrument: Adapts well to various musical styles, suitable for learners who wish to explore different genres.

Bottom Line: The Taylor GS Mini Mahogany Acoustic Guitar is a top-tier choice for parents and young musicians seeking a high-quality, versatile instrument. It expertly balances the ease of play with rich acoustic sound, packaged in a stylish and comfortable design. While it comes at a higher price point, the investment is justified by its adaptability, sound quality, and the potential to inspire and grow with the musician. This guitar is an ideal companion for both practice and performance, making it a beloved choice for aspiring guitarists.

Note: When Purchasing a Taylor GS Mini

We recommend a guitar tuner, picks, and strap (optional) to complete the setup. Our website links offer a recommended section alongside the Taylor GS Mini Guitar, where you can conveniently find and add these products to your cart. This makes it easy for parents to ensure their budding guitarist has everything needed to rock.

best acoustic for beginner teens

Yamaha FG800J

Ideal for young learners, the Yamaha FG800J combines excellent sound quality with ease of play. Renowned for its durability and clear tone, it’s an optimal choice for beginners and kids over 12. This guitar, designed for comfort and skill development, inspires continued practice and musical exploration in various styles.


  • Warm, Balanced Tone: The FG800J is renowned for its rich sound quality, offering a well-balanced tone that’s perfect for a variety of musical genres.
  • Easy Playability: Designed with a comfortable neck and action, making it easier for beginners to learn and play.
  • Sturdy Construction: Built with Yamaha’s renowned craftsmanship, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Classic Aesthetics: Features a timeless, natural finish that’s visually appealing to musicians of all ages.
  • Affordable Quality: Offers Yamaha’s high-quality sound and construction at a budget-friendly price, making it an excellent value.

Bottom Line: The Yamaha FG800J Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar stands out as an ideal choice for beginners and young musicians. It combines Yamaha’s signature sound quality and durable construction with a design that’s both comfortable to play and pleasing to the eye. This guitar is a smart investment for those seeking a reliable, versatile instrument that offers great value without compromising on quality.

Best Acoustic Starter Kit For Beginners

Fender FA-15 Starter Kit

The Fender FA-15 Starter Kit is perfect for young beginners, offering a 3/4 scale guitar that’s easy to handle. This starter kit includes all necessary accessories like a tuner, strap, and picks, ensuring a hassle-free start to your child’s musical journey.


  • Complete Starter Package: The Fender FA-15 Starter Kit includes essential accessories like a tuner, strap, and picks, making it an all-in-one solution for beginners.
  • Kid-Friendly Size: Its 3/4 scale is ideal for younger players, facilitating easier handling and learning.
  • Quality Sound: Known for delivering a clear, vibrant tone, it encourages practice and musical exploration.
  • Durable Construction: Built with Fender’s reputable craftsmanship, ensuring durability for sustained use.
  • Versatile for Various Styles: Suitable for a range of musical genres, making it a flexible choice for developing guitarists.

Bottom Line: The Fender FA-15 Starter Kit stands out as an excellent choice for young, aspiring guitarists. It combines a kid-friendly design with quality sound and a complete set of accessories, offering a great value package. This kit not only simplifies the start of the musical journey but also ensures an enjoyable and comprehensive learning experience.

Our Top 3 Electric Guitars for Young Rockstars

Best ELECTRIC Starter Kit For KIDS

Fender Squier Mini Starter Kit

The Fender Squier Mini Stratocaster Electric Guitar Starter Kit is a fantastic option for young rock rock stars aged 6 to 12. This kit is designed with beginners in mind, featuring a smaller-sized Stratocaster that’s easier for kids to handle and play. It includes essential accessories for a full setup, allowing new players to dive right into the world of electric guitar music.


  • Compact Design: Ideal for younger players with its mini Stratocaster size.
  • Complete Kit: Comes with necessary accessories to start playing immediately.
  • Classic Strat Sound: Offers the iconic Stratocaster tone, perfect for a variety of music genres.
  • Durable Build: Known for its sturdy construction, it’s made to withstand the learning process.
  • Iconic Aesthetics: Sports the classic Stratocaster look that’s loved by guitarists of all ages.

Bottom Line: The Fender Squier Mini Stratocaster Electric Guitar Starter Kit is a superb choice for aspiring young guitarists. Its compact size, complete set of accessories, and classic Strat sound make it an ideal entry point into electric guitar playing. This kit not only makes learning fun and easy but also offers the quality and style of a true Stratocaster at an accessible price point.

Best ELECTRIC Starter Kit For TEENS

Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar Starter Pack

The Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar Starter Pack offers a comprehensive solution for those ready to dive into the world of electric guitar. Best for older kids and adults, this pack includes a full-sized Stratocaster, known for its versatile sound and iconic design, along with essential accessories for a complete playing experience.


  • Full-Sized Stratocaster: Ideal for a wide range of players, offering classic Stratocaster playability and tone.
  • All-Inclusive Package: Comes with necessary accessories, including an amplifier, for a ready-to-play setup.
  • Versatile Sound: Perfect for various musical genres, from rock to blues.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Built with Fender’s renowned quality and durability.
  • Iconic Design: Features the timeless Stratocaster aesthetic, appealing to musicians of all ages.

Bottom Line: The Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar Starter Pack is an excellent choice for both beginners and intermediate players. It combines the legendary Stratocaster guitar with all the essential gear, offering a high-quality, versatile, and complete package that’s ready for any musical adventure.


PRS Silver Sky SE

The PRS Silver Sky SE is our top choice for serious guitar enthusiasts, particularly suited for ages 13 and above. It masterfully blends classic design with modern enhancements to deliver superior playability and tone, making it a standout for ambitious young musicians.


  • Ideal for Serious Learners: Best for ages 13 and up, from beginners to advanced players.
  • Superior Playability: Designed for comfort and ease of use.
  • Versatile Sound: Excels in various musical styles.
  • Modern and Classic Design: Combines timeless aesthetics with contemporary features.
  • Top Recommendation: Our ultimate pick for aspiring guitarists seeking a high-quality instrument.

Bottom Line: The PRS Silver Sky SE is the ultimate guitar for young players who are serious about their craft. Its blend of playability, versatile sound, and innovative design makes it an invaluable tool for those progressing in their guitar journey.

Note: When Purchasing a PRS Silver Sky SE

We recommend a guitar cable, amp, tuner, picks, and strap (optional) to complete the setup. Our website links offer a recommended section alongside the PRS Silver Sky SE, where you can conveniently find and add these products to your cart. This makes it easy for parents to ensure their budding guitarist has everything needed to rock.

Final Thoughts

Embarking on a musical journey with the perfect guitar can be one of the most rewarding experiences for a young learner. The right guitar serves as more than just an instrument; it becomes a tool of expression, a source of joy, and a companion in personal growth. Starting on the right foot with a guitar that fits your child’s needs and aspirations sets the stage for a fulfilling and enjoyable learning experience.

A well-suited guitar can build confidence, nurture creativity, and instill a lifelong love for music. It’s about the smiles when they master a new song, the excitement of sharing their music with others, and the endless possibilities that unfold as they explore their musical potential.

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