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To secure your preferred lesson time and instructor:

  1. Explore our lesson plans outlined below.
  2. Make your selection by submitting your chosen lesson plan in step 3.
  3. Complete the payment process upon receipt of the invoice via email.

*Please note that in consideration of high demand for our in-home lessons, we can reserve your initial Trial Lesson time slot for the next two business days.

1. Online Lesson Plans

Choose between Monthly or Semester.


  • Take lessons on a month to month basis
  • Cancel anytime
  • Can use lesson credits anytime
  • Includes discounted rate
  • Includes refund guarantee

Semester *Most Popular

  • Pre-pay for 24 lessons up front and save 10%
  • Cancel anytime
  • Can use lesson credits anytime
  • Includes discounted rate
  • Includes refund guarantee

2. Online Lesson Pricing

Choose between 30, 45 and 60 minute lessons.

30 minutes

Our shortest lesson time for younger students with shorter attention spans.

Recommended for ages 6 and under.

30 Min Monthly (4 lessons)

  • $200 per student a month
  • $50 per lesson


30 Min Semester (24 lessons)

  • $1,080 per student a semester
  • $45 per lesson (Save $120)

45 minutes

Most popular lesson time for students who want to learn at an optimal pace.

Recommended for ages 6 and up.

45 Min Monthly (4 lessons)

  • $300 per student a month
  • $75 per lesson


45 Min Semester (24 lessons)

  • $1,620 per student a semester
  • $67.50 per lesson (Save $180)

60 minutes

Best value for students who want to maximize their learning potential!

Recommended for ages 8 and up.

60 Min Monthly (4 lessons)

  • $380 per student a month
  • $95 per lesson


60 Min Semester (24 lessons)

  • $2,052 per student a semester
  • $85.50 per lesson (Save $228)

3. Sign Me Up!

Once you submit your choice below, we’ll send over an invoice to your email for easy payment.


For optimal learning, we suggest 30-minute lessons for children aged 6 and under, 45 minutes for those between 6-8 years, and a full hour for kids aged 8 and above.

Unsure? Our 45-minute session is a popular choice!

Tip: For young maestros exploring multiple instruments, we advise opting for 45 or 60-minute lessons to divide the time effectively, such as splitting an hour between guitar (30 min) and piano (30 min).

Monthly Plans: These are pro-rated based on your sign-up date for the rest of that month and then auto-renew on the 1st of every subsequent month.

For instance, if your first paid lesson starts on the second week of January, you’ll be billed for 3 lessons, with the next billing on February 1st for 4 lessons, and the cycle continues monthly.

Semester Plans: Opting for our popular Semester plan gives you 24 lessons with a 10% savings!

These renew every 6 months from your start date, assuming your credits are utilized within that period.

For clarity, should you purchase a 24-lesson Semester plan on January 15th, its renewal would be on June 15th.

However, there’s flexibility – your credits don’t have an expiration, and you can use them whenever you like.

And here’s the best part – our Semester plan comes with a refund guarantee for any unused credits, anytime!

Quick Tip: Access your student account anytime to monitor your lesson count – both taken and remaining.

While our monthly plans do not include a refund guarantee, our Semester option not only offers you a discount but also provides a refund guarantee for any unused credits at any time.

After 1 to 3 months of lessons, our students typically:

  • Master several favorite songs
  • Understand basic tablature and notation
  • Grasp fundamental music theory concepts
  • Build confidence and momentum with their instrument
  • Enjoy and have fun during lessons

By the 6-month mark, they often:

  • Boast a repertoire spanning 10-30 songs
  • Jam and record engaging duets with their instructors
  • Perform for friends and family
  • Exhibit enhanced discipline and self-assurance
  • Radiate joy from their musical journey.

For the best outcomes, we advise enrolling in lessons for a minimum of one year.

This duration typically equips students with music fundamentals and a diverse set of songs.

Beyond technique, a year allows students to fully embrace the transformative perks of music lessons, from bolstering discipline and confidence to fostering teamwork and other invaluable life skills.

Notably, many of our students remain with us for 2-4 years, with some continuing until their high school graduation.

We’ll secure your preferred time slot with your instructor on the calendar!

Should you wish to reschedule or begin at a later date after making your payment, just reach out. We’re here to accommodate and ensure a seamless experience for you.

Although you don’t have to use your lessons within a given timeframe, we strongly recommend lessons at least once a week to maintain lesson effectiveness, consistency, and momentum.

You may login to your student account anytime to see your completed/remaining lesson credits.

Lesson Cancellations

To ensure you’re credited properly, please alert your instructor at least 24 hours before any cancellation, via text or email. If a rescheduling isn’t possible, we’ll credit the missed lesson back to your account.

Vacation Plans?

Heading out on vacation? No worries! Inform us and we’ll gladly arrange make-up sessions either before your break or once you’re back. If a make-up isn’t feasible, we’ll pause your account until you return.

Billing and Cancellation

You’re free to terminate your lessons at any point. However, it’s crucial to note the difference in our refund policies:

  • Semester Plan: Comes with a refund guarantee, allowing you to claim a refund for any unused credits at any time.

  • Monthly Plan: While you can stop anytime, we cannot provide refunds for lessons that have been paid for. If there are remaining lesson credits, you might opt for a gift certificate—a great present for friends or family!

Yes! Our Recitals are held live online via Zoom. Recitals not only give students something to aim/practice for, they are a fun way for students to showcase what they’ve been working on in front of friends and family all around the world!

If for any reason you feel like your Instructor is not a good fit, we are happy to have one of our other Instructors do a complimentary 30 minute trial lesson for you. Our policy is to always ensure 100% student satisfaction.

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