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Guitar Lessons

Take your guitar playing to new heights with our beginner-advanced guitar lessons. Available both in-person and online.

Keyboard & Piano Lessons

Elevate your keyboard and piano skills with our beginner-advanced piano lessons. Available both in-person and online.

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Singing Lessons

Discover and refine your voice with our beginner-advanced singing lessons. Available both in-person and online.

Music Lessons for the whole family

Music Lessons for Kids

Our private music lessons are thoughtfully designed to create an engaging and comfortable environment in which young learners can thrive.

Music Lessons for Teens

We incorporate elements of pop culture and contemporary music into our teaching, making the learning experience educational and relatable for today's teens.

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Music Lessons for Adults

Want to join in on the fun? Our personalized in-home music lessons cater to learners of all ages, including adults. Plus, we offer a special discount for families!


The best age to start guitar lessons for kids is subjective, but in general the earlier you can get your child into guitar, the better! Around 5 or 6 years old is often a good time to begin guitar lessons as they’ll have been exposed to music and might even be able to read basic sheet music.

Starting guitar at an early age allows your child to develop their creativity and build confidence in their musicianship, helping them become well-rounded individuals. Whether your kid loves picking up a guitar for practice after school or aspires to be a part of a band one day, guitar lessons can provide enrichment that will benefit them throughout life.

We will match you with your perfect music teacher based on your child’s goals, skill level, and unique circumstances.

Once you fill out your information, you will get a confirmation email with our teachers details as well as further directions on how to prepare for the Trial Lesson, etc

We will then follow up with you after the trial to see how everything went!

Our lesson plans start around $250-$350 + per month depending on the lesson plan. This includes 1 lesson per week/4 lessons per month.

We offer beginner-advanced guitar lessons for ages 5 and up. The majority of our students tend to be kids, however we do have a fair share of parents who partake in the rocking!

Learning guitar can be an incredibly fulfilling and rewarding experience for children, with countless stories of children becoming accomplished guitar players. Learning guitar is actually quite straightforward if your child has the right guidance.

Taking guitar lessons offered specifically for children that provide structure, practice support and motivational tools are especially helpful in setting them up for success.

With consistent lessons, practice and love, it’s possible to see visible improvements in guitar playing within 3 – 6 months. In turn, this can give your child a greater sense of accomplishment and also encourage them to keep learning and exploring the guitar further!

We offer guitar lessons both online and in-person in select cities across the United States.

For a list of our in-person music locations, please visit our Locations page here.

Music Instructors Near You

Discover our in-home music lessons right in your neighborhood! Whether you’re in search of the perfect teacher for your child or looking to kickstart your own musical journey, our dedicated instructors are ready to inspire and guide you.

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