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We bring the music learning to your home screen, eliminating the need for travel and saving you time.

Plus, our virtual platform allows you to record each lesson, creating a valuable archive of your child’s progress and insights for future practice. With the flexibility of online lessons, we can tailor each session to your child’s unique needs.

Experience the ease and advantages of learning music online from the comfort of your own home!

Online Music Lessons for the whole family

Guitar Lessons

Our online guitar lessons offer the perfect opportunity for your child to embark on a musical journey from home.

Keyboard & Piano Lessons

Elevate your child's musical skills with our online piano and keyboard lessons.

Singing Lessons

Help your child discover their unique voice with our online singing lessons.


The best age to start music lessons for kids is subjective, but in general the earlier you can get your child into music, the better! Around 5 or 6 years old is often a good time to begin music lessons as they’ll have been exposed to music and might be able to grasp fundamental music concepts.

Starting music at an early age allows your child to develop their creativity and build confidence in their musicianship, helping them become well-rounded individuals. Whether your kid loves practicing their instrument after school or aspires to be a part of a band one day, music lessons can provide enrichment that will benefit them throughout life.

Children have a natural affinity for YouTube, but one common issue with learning music there is the reliance on pre-recorded videos, often leaving kids feeling confused and overwhelmed. This is where our live 1:1 online lessons shine!

Through personalized online lessons, we’ve observed several key advantages for students:

  1. Accelerated Progress: Online learning allows the valuable option of screen recording lessons, ensuring students never miss a beat and can review material as often as needed.

  2. Enhanced Enjoyment: Our HD online lessons offer multiple camera angles and supplementary materials, fostering a more engaging experience compared to YouTube. Students can interact with live instructors, making learning music more enjoyable.

  3. Comfortable Learning Environment: Gone are the days of cramped, noisy music rooms. Learning from the comfort of home allows students to express themselves freely.

  4. Access to Top Instructors: Forget geographical limitations! Our students have access to some of the nation’s finest teachers, including graduates from prestigious music schools like Musician’s Institute, Berklee College of Music, Julliard, and more.

But that’s not all; online lessons are also:

  • Cost and Time Effective
  • Flexible with Convenient Scheduling
  • Versatile with Teacher Requests to ensure the best fit for your child’s musical journey.

We’ll connect you with our best music teacher, tailored to your child’s goals, skill level, and individual circumstances. After you provide your information, you’ll receive a confirmation email containing your teacher’s details, along with instructions to prepare for the Trial Lesson.

Meeting your teacher online is effortless—just a click on a link will transport you to our live virtual teaching studio. Following the trial, we’ll reach out to gather your feedback and ensure everything went smoothly!

We offer beginner to advanced lessons in guitar, piano, vocals, bass, ukulele, and drums.

While our students typically fall within the 6-18-year-old age bracket, we welcome aspiring musicians of all ages.

To make the most of your musical journey, we recommend students have their own instrument, ensuring regular practice between lessons.

We carefully select our instructors to ensure the highest quality music education experience.

Our teachers have music degrees from some of the top music schools in the nation and bring an engaging teaching method to make music lessons as creative and fun as possible for kids.

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Many parents express valid concerns about their child’s long-term commitment to music lessons, fearing potential boredom, discouragement, or resentment towards practice.

Fortunately, our approach has successfully mitigated these issues over the years. We transform learning into a fun experience by focusing on teaching students songs they genuinely enjoy, all while building a strong foundation in technique and music theory.

After more than a decade of working with children, we’ve discovered that this approach is the key to sustaining their enthusiasm for learning music in the long run.

We offer flexible scheduling solutions to meet your needs. Lessons are offered 7 days a week at times that work best for you.

RockHome does not require semester minimums for lessons as every student here is on a month-to-month basis. We will not commit you to a long term contract as we only want to work with students who are ready to learn.

We are open for online lessons from:

9am-8pm Monday – Sunday

Our peak lesson times are between 4-7pm on Monday-Thursday. If you are looking for a slot during these times, please make sure you register via our smart form asap.

We do not teach out of a building. Instead, all our lessons take place in our student’s homes!

Our HQ is located in Denver, CO.

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