🎖️ 🎶 Perform live in front of friends & family!

Our live recital features:

  • Performances by RockHome Students + Instructors

  • A Red Carpet Photoshoot for Your Family

  • High-Quality Photos/Videos to take Home!

  • Delicious Food/Drinks

  • Certificate of Completion

  • And more!

4 Ways Students Benefit:

Build Confidence

Performing live helps students develop confidence in their abilities, allowing them to overcome stage fright while getting out of their comfort zone.

Fuel Motivation

The anticipation of performing in a recital fuels students' motivation to practice and perfect their musical skills.

Experience Accomplishment

The RockShow is a celebration of achievements! Students experience a profound sense of accomplishment as they perform their favorite tunes and witness the crowd's response.

Impress Friends & Family

Our recital is the perfect platform for students to impress friends and family with a captivating live performance. Witness the joy and admiration on the faces of loved ones as they applaud and cheer for your budding rockstar.


Our show is open to students over the age of 5. All skill levels are encouraged to perform!

Our next RockShow is set to take place in December 2023 at a TBA venue in Downtown Denver.

Our registration is $100 per student and includes:

  • 10 minute performance slot

  • 2 extra show tickets

  • Professional red carpet photoshoot

  • Video performance clips

  • Student performance certificate

Our RockShow Recital is via invite only. Students can lookout for a registration email months in advance before the show date.

You can also email if needed.

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