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How in-home music lessons simplified life for this busy mom

Meet Zaira, a mother with a simple dream: to inspire her son Scott’s love for music. Yet, the challenge of finding the right music program that fit into their busy lives proved to be a roadblock. The thought of commuting to a music school was anything but appealing.

Then Zaira discovered RockHome:

  • Music Where You Are: RockHome brought music lessons to Zaira’s home, eliminating the need for lengthy commutes and fitting seamlessly into her family’s schedule.
  • Meet Riley, the Musical Mentor: Riley, their instructor, not only had musical expertise but also had a special talent for connecting with young learners. He made learning music enjoyable.
  • Personalized Lessons and Flexibility: We tailored lessons to their unique needs and offered flexible scheduling to adapt to their ever-changing routines.

The results spoke for themselves:

  • Practice Made Perfect: Riley’s engaging teaching style inspired the boys to practice regularly, leading to impressive progress.
  • Musical Interests Aligned: Riley’s song choices matched the boys’ musical tastes, keeping their interest alive and their enthusiasm high.
  • A Happy Mom: Zaira saw her son thrive in music, saved time, and waved goodbye to the stress of commuting.
With RockHome, our goal was to go beyond conventional music lessons. We tailored our approach to fit Zaira’s son’s unique needs, sparking his musical passion.

The results spoke for themselves: regular practice, engaged learning, and a delighted mom who no longer had to deal with the hassles of commuting during rush hour.

saved per month in commute/wait time
1 + hours
"The instructors are very cool and supportive. They let these kids have fun and they just blossom!"
David & Heidi
"Our RockHome teacher is amazing. He connects with my daughter at her level, and she absolutely adores him. She quickly absorbs the information, practices diligently without any reminders—quite impressive for an 11-year-old. It's a true testament to how much she enjoys her piano lessons."
"It's wonderful to have a teacher who comes to you! The lessons are of excellent quality, and the children are acquiring valuable skills such as playing an instrument, understanding rhythm and beats, and reading music."
"My boys have been taking lessons since they were 5, and we decided to switch to RockHome. Our choice was influenced by how well the instructors connected with our boys. Since they began lessons with Nic, they've been practicing more diligently. The song selections align perfectly with the genres that pique their interest."
"In a year's worth of lessons, my son has progressed to where he is wanting to perform on a regular basis. My son now gives me the wow-factor!
"My son is having an awesome experience with his RockHome teacher Patrick. He has learned a lot over the past few months. His lesson plan is appropriate for kids and it keeps my son interested. Every night I hear him practicing his strumming and riffs."
"We’ve really enjoyed having Tyler come and work with our son for his piano lessons! Tyler brings music options that keep our son engaged and get him excited to show off what’s he’s learned. I highly recommend Tyler!"
"The teachers are fantastic! We've already referred 3 to 4 friends who are now taking lessons at RockHome."

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